Catherine Troy Interior Design is a forward-looking practice committed to design excellence with it's primary interest in facilitating innovative solutions.

We place great importance on the way people use interior spaces, and how these spaces affect our well-being. Strong emphasis is placed on using the right materials and finishes to suit the space and reflect the client's style.

We enjoy working on a broad range of projects from small to however big they may be. Having worked with a broad range of experienced master craftsmen over the years commissioning bespoke pieces, from wood carvers, decorative artists to skilled metal workers.

We strive to help our clients develop an insight into their project, its problems and potentials. Ongoing dialogue with our clients throughout a project is imperative, both as a means of understanding their requirements, and of increasing their understanding of the design process.

We work closely with architects and builders on projects providing a sourcing, coordinating and detailing role for the client.